Under Previdyan Skies

My name is Rector Pernen-Korrae, noble-born child of Clifton, successor to Mistress Archivist Velera of Esper, and paramount agent of Goddess Spinna’s Whispering College in the Malithoy Directorate on Previdya. This Whispering College has granted wishes, made allies wealthy beyond measure, broken highlords beneath their own servants, and brought mighty nations to ruin with only the telling or keeping of secrets. As Master Archivist I have control and stewardship over the oldest and most guarded secrets in the known world, checked only by the goddess herself.

My predecessor, the late Mistress Archivist Velera of Esper was a great teacher. We spoke at length of her time as errant collegian before her passing- secrets and stories of the world around us which she trusted me to keep safe after receiving Spinna’s final gift. Some of these must stay secret. Others I feel obliged to tell, but not to anyone beneath this sky. Now the old enemies are beaten and the world-gate is open again. The way is open and I need only reach out through the gate that brings us together and bear my mentor’s words to you.

In order to facilitate your navigation of this record it is separated by subject:
For Clarity, all new additions will be filed under transcriptions.
Spinna’s Vault will house all chronologies and stories.
Peoples of Previdya will contain all descriptions of Previdya’s assorted inhabitants.
Religions of Previdya will offer a view of faith across Previdya and a look at the deities.

Now that you have found these works remember: if you ever find yourself in Previdya, keep them to yourself. Knowing some of these secrets can mean a painful and torturous death for the uninitiated. May the silent lady Spinna preserve and remember beyond the end of all days, and into the dark night which shall follow.


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